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Canine Heart Formula


Canine Heart Formula is a proprietary blend of natural products which optimally supports heart function and health, reducing the work of the heart while maintaining heart blood flow, contractility and rhythm.


The Canine Heart Formula contains prevention level doses of Hawthorn Berry Extract, l-Carnitine and Coenzyme Q-10 in a proprietary powder which help maintain balanced serum glucose levels.


Supports heart function and reduces the work load of the heart. Hawthorn Berry improves cardiac function and protects the heart from arrhythmias. L-carnitine and coenzyme Q-10 support heart muscle metabolism and improve oxygen utilization of the heart.

Precautions & Side:

Hawthorn preparations may cause nausea, gastrointestinal complaints, fatigue, rash, palpitations, headache, dizziness, sleeplessness, agitation, and circulatory disturbances when used in high doses. Use with a cardiac glycoside may lead to increased risk of toxicity.

Supplied As:

Powdered supplement containing Hawthorn Berry extract, l-carnitine, coenzyme Q-10 and inert other ingredients including a proprietary rice bran base, stevia and dried Brewer's yeast.

Dosing Information:

One scoop per 25 pounds of body weight 2 times a day. Also available as a capsulized powder with one capsule per 25 pounds of body weight 2 times a day.